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Phage Virus Research Phage Virus Research

Coup D' Etat by The Convict Federation (Confederation)

Learn how the French Foreign Legion has invested in global prison systems and turned inmates into Legionaries since the American Civil War.

French Foreign Legion Strategies French Foreign Legion Strategies

Jeffrey Epstein is Bill Gates

Jeffrey Epstein AKA Bill Gates and Ghislaine Maxwell AKA Melinda Gates laundered billions through Microsoft and their foundation while trafficking and murdering children.

Jeffrey Epstein Supplies Amsterdam's Red Light District Jeffrey Epstein Supplies Amsterdam's Red Light District

China has satellite organ transplant hospitals in America

The People's Republic of China expanded their organ trafficking empire to America. American cities are used as organ buffets for Chinese clientele.

Organ Trafficking And Abuse-Formed Brain Control Organ Trafficking And Abuse-Formed Brain Control


Learn about friendly and hostile extraterrestrial species on Gundam News.

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Rape, Riot, & Treason

On January 5th, 2020 at 22:31 EST Donald Trump was caught raping a 6-year-old caucasian female named Kaitlin McIntosh in the oval office. Mike Pense caught Donald Trump during the rape and shot Trump in the right shoulder. The united states supreme court promised that charges would be filed in the morning. The courts wanted to know what congress wanted to do about replacing the president and making an official announcement. Donald Trump spent the night bar hopping, gathering a vicious drunk mob of rapists, child molesters, Canadians, and Hells Angels. Explosive devices were placed in the mailboxes of witnesses from the White House.

The Jan 6th, 2020 Riot Was An Invasion By The French Foreign Legion, Organized By Donald Trump As A Plot To Avoid Human Trafficking Charges Filed By Mike Pence

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The United States of America was invaded by The French Foreign Legion to protect a Donald J. Trump from being prosecuted for rape of a minor.
Shoulder Wound
Donald Trump went bar to bar throughout southside Baltimore with a bullet in his shoulder looking for people to mob with him in Washington, D.C.
Hells Angels
Donald Trump is a member of the Proud Boys chapter of Hell's Angels. The Proud Boys is a French Heritage chapter known for pimping.
America Was Invaded
America was invaded by a mob of pedophile extremists, who if had been successful would have put into power a pro-rape, pro-pedophilia coup d' etat.
Service Members Were Killed
The mob was willing to kill American service members to protect the leadership of a pimp who was caught molesting a 6-year-old.

Prevent Organized Genocide

War is being waged against kidnappers, human traffickers, organized crime cells, and the banks that finance their operations for profit and control.
Modern terrorist organizations destabilize nations, organize guerilla invasions, kill regional populations, replace civilian and military leaders, and manage Coup D' Etat takeovers of world governments.
Port cities and coastal areas fall to silent invasions by foreign legionnaires. Changes such as "abortion", "homosexuality", and drug use plague these cities while legionnaires promote acceptance.

French Foreign Legion (Global Cartel Recruiter)

Scotiabank (Kidnapping & "Insurance")

Serco (Convict Federation)

Bung Put (Organ Trafficking)

Gauls and Goblins "Vikings who consume blood from a goblet" World History X
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Egyptian pyramids were stepdown containers for a grid of root networks in the Northern (-) and Southern (+) Hemispheres which connected to create an electric ark. Ancient light bulbs and Baghdad batteries have been placed in global museums. In 1324 Gauls (Vikings) invaded Egypt. When invaders burned the library of Alexandria royal family lineages were lost. France immediately took the throne with a new "Pharoh" who did not know the men and women of Egypt. Egypt had been taken by Saxons "saxed". King Mosesh Tutankhamun and the Egyptian soldiers fought back. The Vikings were called "The Firstborn". The Torah declares that Mosesh killed every Viking in Egypt. When Viking blood attracted locusts, Egyptians fled to Israel. Egyptian property was stolen and ferried back to Gaul. Stolen property and human remains is still on display in France's Louvre museum. France's refusal to release Egyptian property is an active War Crime. Egypt prevented Gauls from learning and taking control over electricity. -1389BC, -1811RT
December 15, 1324
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Israel was invaded by Rome during the reign of King Jesus Cristo. Jesus Cristo refused to fight Roman forces and offered himself and sacrifice in exchange for the blood of his people. One man's blood was not enough for invading Vikings and many of Christo's followers were killed during the invasion. The libraries of Israel were raided and brought back to Rome where they are still kept in the Vatican's secretive underground library. Romans converted many Jews into Catholic followers by offering the only existing copies of Israel and Egyptian history as rewritten bibles. Rome executed non-catholic followers and preached a new "Christian" philosophy of being kind to an enemy and letting him take what you have.
January 01, 0001
Executive Commander of Naval Material American History X
Americo Vespucci Evacuated Advanced Hebrews From Giant Locusts in Egypt In 1389
Americo Vespoucci's party included the wealthiest and royal members of Egyptian society who could afford the transit to Atlantis. When Americo started calling his areas of Atlantis America, society forgot about Atlantis completely.
October 06, 1389
When Hostile Forces Could Not Pass American Cannon Fire in 1776, invaders settled for Canada.
Britain and France packed for a one-way trip to invade America. When American cannon fire held back ships and landing forces were slaughtered, the retreat could not pass the Atlantic Ocean. Invading legions sailed along America's coast past cannon fire and settled in Nova Scotia. Canada became a Monarchy above our sovereign nation.
July 05, 1776
France Commissioned French Foreign Legion Forces Along The Barbary Coast
In 1803 French Foreign Legion forces in Africa seized the USS Philadelphia. Barbary pirates sent back spies with victims' identification papers every year. The spies killed American printer manufacturers and took over the print industry. French men by the thousands had IDs at docks in new work. Immigrants were attacked at ports because they had no ids and accepted French interests for identification.
October 31, 1803
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus made deals for Americo Vespucci's tribe. Dr. Martin Scott Logan was the ocean-traveling merchant who brought aggressive British settlers, military forces, and invasion fleets into America.
January 05, 1506
France Released America's Prisoners And Turned Them Against Their Own Families
France provided release paperwork for prisoners in the Southern states to support a Coup D' Etat. America was caught between the South and Canada. The American Civil War erupted.
April 01, 1861
The first database used by the United States Government was an IBM "Metropolitan Crime Index" database to assign numbers to criminal cases in the United States and abroad within allied nations. Crimes of rape, molestation, torture, and other hate crimes would get you sent to Ghettos in Europe throughout the early 1900s. America made a large effort to rearrest and deport surviving members of the Convict Federation. Before the Israel Defense Forces of modern times, wartime fighting Jews in Israel-controlled lands were called the Men and Women of Ashkanazi. United States soldiers and corporations like IBM did in fact invade nations in Europe. The Gauls did have a history of repeated attacks against Hebrews, Arabs, and Christians in Europe. The Rothschild Family did deliver Jewish literature and Torahs to camp inmates with a direct campaign to convert inmates to Jews and save them from death. The Nazi war machine was prioritized over converted Jews and many were killed for learning too much while building new Nazi technologies. The Jews did intend to restore ancient technologies involving Egyptian artifacts and electricity. Experiments were carried out during WWII which created today's technologies. Nazi's fell to pervatin "Meth" and publicity of ill-treatment of converted Jews. Americans returned with their Nazi war relics, stored them away, put on American GI uniforms, and sailed out to kill camp inmates in rundown tanks that had been bled of fluids. The Nazis became the United Nations and Israel was created as a state protected by the United Nations.
November 05, 1923
Cold War
The Nazi campaign was halted before France, Britain, Belgium, and Canada could be taken by Ashkenazi forces. The cold war began after Russia implicated America for harboring marked members of the Metropolitan Crime Index. Russia had lost men and women to war against Nazi armaments during WWII. Many pirated vessels were being taken to Cuban sites used by the French slave triangle. Women and children were being sold for sex. Models were being sold via an underground magazine called Playboy. Russia invaded Cuba with missiles. America agreed to stop a missile strike against Canadian banks within the fallout reach of America. America's agreement included the ethnic cleansing of all whites from Cuba as Russia and Cuba agreed that only Cubans should be on the Island and any white man in Cuba is a pimp who has come from Canada, America, Britain, or France. The bay of pigs massacre was a successful mission by minority leaders of American special forces groups that killed many Canadians who were photographed and sold to America as images of a failed mission. The cold war was an arms race to create missiles capable of targeting and eliminating remaining members of the Metropolitan Crime Index.
April 21, 1961
The basement of the World Trade Center hid a large vault that was leased by the Bank of Nova Scotia. The vault was served by rail. Children were brought to the large multi-level underground facility, abused, and conditioned for sale. The sales would take place at the World Trade Center or through Red Hook Terminal. Bank of Nova Scotia placed thermite charges along the vertical core of the Word Trade Center buildings as insurance after the vault was breached in 1993 by United States Army Rangers to rescue children. A repeat incident led to the attacks on September 11th, 2001 with the assistance of stolen Boeing "Q" terminals which were connected to serial ports located at the front of targeted airplanes.
September 11, 2001
The Metropolitan Crime Index broke into the aviation market. Kidnappers, Pedophiles, and pimps are mobile on the global market. Bill Gates and Melinda French live in Seattle while making global trips to Netherlands' red light district as "Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell" with "runaway" teenage girls and child hostages.
July 06, 2019

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Public Enemy #1

Earth is Being Attacked By Aggressive Hostile Extraterrestrial Species. These invaders are trained in Guerilla Warfare and use manipulation and Coup D' Etat Strategies. These aliens shapeshift into humans and use shady tactics to infiltrate populations, kill local leaders, and insert themselves into positions of power. Killing these species is 100% within local, state, and federal law. These aliens are not protected. Killing aliens weakens their human power structure.
Oocl (Cephalopod)
Thubans / Alterians (Frog)
Formic (Pycnogonida)
Sith (Mad Max / Saturn Aliens)