A two-day classic car rally was held in Tehran on Thursday and Friday to mark the World Tourism Day, internationally observed on Sept. 27.
The event was jointly organized by Semnan Province's office of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and Niavaran Cultural Complex in north Tehran, IRNA reported. 
It included 80 antique and classic cars, mostly produced by American and European companies from the 1970s to 1990s.
“The vintage four-wheelers took to the road starting from Niavaran and moved towards the southeast. Passing Sorkheh County that borders Semnan Province, the group of vehicles ended their trip in Mahdishahr City,” Mehdi Jamal, the head of the provincial ICHHTO, told reporters.
Due to the international tourism occasion, the rally’s route was mapped in a way that it crisscrossed the historically and ecologically prominent spots of the area.


Former CIA officer-turned-accused Chinese spy Jerry Chun Shing Lee had an accomplice in his alleged espionage against the U.S., according to new court documents.

The disclosure of the second individual as an unindicted co-conspirator in the high profile espionage case was made Wednesday in an order on Lee's case by federal judge T.S. Ellis III. The FBI copied the contents of seven different devices belonging to the co-conspirator on April 28, 2013, according to the order.

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The imaging — a form of copying of the device data — occurred almost a year after a hotel room Lee was staying in was searched by federal agents in 2012. The filing does not indicate if the co-conspirator is a Chinese national or an American or what was the person's alleged role in the spy scheme.

Lee, 53, was arrested in January 2018 when he arrived in the U.S. on a flight from Hong Kong. He was initially charged with illegally possessing classified information — two handwritten notebooks containing names and phone numbers of covert CIA employees and informants.

In May he was indicted by a federal grand jury with an additional count of espionage. Prosecutors said that in 2010, two Chinese intelligence officers offered to pay Lee for information and that he continued to receive instructions from them until at least 2011.

Moon with Jupiter and Antares, Aug. 8-9, 2019

The Moon accompanies Jupiter on the night of Friday the 9th, with Antares looking on from below. (For clarity, the Moon in these scenes is always shown three times its actual apparent size.)

Friday, August 9

• The waxing gibbous Moon shines near Jupiter this evening, as shown here. But Jupiter, 40 times larger than the Moon, is currently 1,830 times farther away.

Jupiter's own four big moons, roughly as big as ours, are pinpoints in a small telescope or good, steadily braced binoculars. They're lined up east and west of the planet. This evening you'll find Europa to Jupiter's east and Io, Callisto, and Ganymede to its west, counting outward. See the guide to Jupiter's moons for every night in August, good worldwide, in the August Sky & Telescope, page 51.

Saturday, August 10

Narrow windows for good Perseid viewing. The annual Perseid meteor shower is predicted peak late on the night of August 12-13, but the waxing gibbous Moon won't set that night until just before the beginning of dawn.

You may do better a day before that, on the morning of the 12th, if you catch the hour or so of dark sky between moonset and the start of dawn (for North America).

A mass shooting in a shopping centre in El Paso, Texas, has left at least 20 people dead and 26 injured.

The gunman, named as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, opened fire on customers in a Walmart store near the Cielo Vista Mall in the border town.

Police are investigating a so-called ‘manifesto’ believed to have been posted online by Crusius before the shooting that reportedly referred to a “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and a believe that white people would soon be “ethnically replaced”.

The massacre came as another shooting in Dayton, Ohio, left 10 people including the gunman dead.

Witnesses said the gunman opened fire in the car park before walking into the store as if he was
Witnesses said the gunman opened fire in the car park before walking into the store as if he was 'on a mission'
The gunman opened fire on customers at a Walmart store El Paso, Texas (Picture: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez)
The gunman opened fire on customers at a Walmart store El Paso, Texas (Picture: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez)

#BREAKING: New eyewitness video shows 21-year-old #PatrickCrusius being arrested by El Paso police shortly after Walmart shooting spree pic.twitter.com/btIQZxXaW5

— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) August 4, 2019

The gunman first opened fire with an AK47-style assault rifle in the car park outside the Walmart store, before walking inside as if he was “on a mission” and continuing to shoot.

Adriana Quezada, 39, who was in the women's clothing section of Walmart with her two children when the shooting happened, said: "I heard the shots but I thought they were hits, like roof construction.

She and her 19-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son threw themselves to the ground then fled the store through an emergency exit.


Priti Patel denies she wants to reintroduce the death penalty

Key Point: An F-35 Joint Strike Fighter would be able to use its sensors, weapons and computer technology to destroy Russian and Chinese 5th-Generation Stealth fighters in a high-end combat fight, service officials said.

“There is nothing that I have seen from maneuvering an F-35 in a tactical environment that leads me to assume that there is any other airplane I would rather be in. I feel completely comfortable and confident in taking that airplane into any combat environment,” Lt. Col. Matt Hayden, 56th Fighter Wing, Chief of Safety, Luke AFB, Arizona, told Scout Warrior in a special pilot interview.

Furthermore, several F-35 pilots have been clear in their resolve that the multi-role fighter is able to outperform any other platform in existence.

While Hayden was clear to point out he has not, as of yet, flown simulated combat missions against the emerging Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA 5th-Generation stealth fighter now in development or the Chinese Shenyang J-31 5th Generation Stealth aircraft. While he was clear to point out he did not personally know all of the technologies and capabilities of these Russian and Chinese aircraft, he was unambiguous in his assertion regarding confidence in the F-35. In addition, many Air Force officials have cited a strong belief that the F-35 is the best fighter in the world.

Available information says the Russians have built at least 6 prototype T-50 PAK FAs for their Air Force and Navy; the Chinese conducted a maiden test flight of its J-31 in 2012. In addition, China is in pre-production with its J-20 5th-Generation stealth fighter. This fighter, called the Chengdu J-20, made its first flight in 2011, and is expected to be operational by 2018, according to publicly available information and various news reports.

While Hayden did not elaborate on aspects of the J-20, he did say he would be confident flying the F-35 against any aircraft in the world.

THE JOB of capital markets is to process information so that savings flow to the best projects and firms. That makes high finance sound simple; in reality it is dynamic and intoxicating. It reflects a changing world. Today’s markets, for instance, are grappling with a trade war and low interest rates. But it also reflects changes within finance, which constantly reinvents itself in a perpetual struggle to gain a competitive edge. As our Briefing reports, the latest revolution is in full swing. Machines are taking control of investing—not just the humdrum buying and selling of securities, but also the commanding heights of monitoring the economy and allocating capital.

Funds run by computers that follow rules set by humans account for 35% of America’s stockmarket, 60% of institutional equity assets and 60% of trading activity. New artificial-intelligence programs are also writing their own investing rules, in ways their human masters only partly understand. Industries from pizza-delivery to Hollywood are being changed by technology, but finance is unique because it can exert voting power over firms, redistribute wealth and cause mayhem in the economy.

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Because it deals in huge sums, finance has always had the cash to adopt breakthroughs early. The first transatlantic cable, completed in 1866, carried cotton prices between Liverpool and New York. Wall Street analysts were early devotees of spreadsheet software, such as Excel, in the 1980s. Since then, computers have conquered swathes of the financial industry. First to go was the chore of “executing” buy and sell orders. Visit a trading floor today and you will hear the hum of servers, not the roar of traders. High-frequency trading exploits tiny differences in the prices of similar securities, using a barrage of transactions.


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